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Kids Netball

Posted by Livs on Sunday, January 30, 2011, In : Netball for Kids 
With school starting, we come to think about what our children have done in the past year. Whether they achieved a lot academically or not. We would like to encourage them to do well in all aspects of school. 

I for one am all for encouraging the kids to do well in sports as well as in their school work. So this year I would like you to support your kids in the sport of their choice. Netball season will be starting up again and it's time to get them training. Even just a few drills can keep th...
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New Forum Up and running!

Posted by Livs on Tuesday, September 28, 2010, In : Netball Forum 
Hey everyone,
I've been busy setting up a new netball forum for us to use. It's hosted by

Go check it out here

It's in beta mode so if there is anything that doesn't make sense please let me know in the suggestions area.

I hope you enjoy the forums and if we build it up we can definitely create an active forum. I will also be advertising moderator positions. But this will be later on. So lets make this a success!

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Learn how to play netball

Posted by Livs on Friday, August 27, 2010, In : how to play netball 
I have decided that I wanted to help the many people that search for information about how to play netball. 
I wanted them to know that it's a fun game and men can play it too. (they'd say they were better at it) 

Almost time to launch this baby!
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I loved to play netball when I was younger. When I watch I just want to jump on court and play. It's fun, kept me fit and I learnt alot of life's lessons just from playing netball.
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