Netball Warm Up 

Warming up doesn't need to be hard or a hassle. But you need to warm up before a game of Netball. If you don't you could end up injuring yourself. 

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 To start off, go for a light jog around the court. 

Now, for the stretches. Start from your toes to your head.

Draw circles clock-wise and anti-clockwise with your toes. Do this 4 times.

Point your toes out straight for 5 seconds and then heel the air with your heel for 5 seconds. Do this three times on each foot.

Calve muscles. Position one foot out in front of you. The other foot behind you, press your front foot forward into the ground to stretch your calve. You know you are doing it right when you can feel pressure on your calves. Don't stretch too hard or you could injure yourself. Swap over to the other foot and stretch the other calve. Stretching each calve for 10 seconds.

Ham-string/thigh muscles. Get your balance by holding on to something steady, bring on leg up behind you so you are holding your foot up to your bottom. Holding for 10 seconds. You will feel the pressure in your thigh muscles. Do the other leg.

Sitting on the ground, stretch your legs out. so you make a "V" with your legs. Reach out to your toes, on each leg. You can feel pressure on your ham-string muscles under you leg. Do this for 10 second on each leg.

Alternatively you can sit legs out in front of you and reach out to your toes. 

Standing, with legs apart. Bending sideways with your arms up stretching your inside legs. Count to 10 and bend the opposite side.

Shake out your legs and feet. 

Next the upper half of the body.

Stretch your arms up to the sky, for 5 seconds.

Pull one arm across your chest and hold your elbow, stretching your shoulder muscles. Count to 10 and stretch the other arm. 

Hold your wrist, up in the air pull slightly the opposite way. Doing this for 5 seconds, repeat with the other arm.

Roll your shoulders in round circles clockwise and anti-clockwise. 10 circles for each shoulder.

Bend your head forward, looking down at your toes. Look up at the sky doing this for 10 seconds each time.

Now shake your arms and legs out. 

Jump up and down a few times. You should be ready for some warm up drills now.

If you don't like jogging around the court and want something different. Start from one end of the court, and run to the first line. Run back and run to the line further from the first one. 

 You can see on the picture starting from point A run to point B. Run to point C, run to point D,run to point E, next to point E, continue to point F and finally to point G. This should be run at a comfortable speed. 

Now, quick stepping side shuffling. Side shuffle around the half circles, then continue along the straight lines, in any direction finish off side stepping along the opposite half circle. Now quick sprint to the end of the court.

Congratulations, you should be ready for netball drills.

A few tips to remember. Don't over do the stretches, only warm up at a pace that you are comfortable at. If you are warming up in a team everyone's fitness levels are different so some may be out of breath before others.