How To Improve Your Child's Netball Skills Tips
As an adult you tend to forget that in order to learn a new skill you will need to practice, practice, practice. What better way to improve your child's netball skills is to demonstrate or get them to do the following.
All aspects of the game needs to be learnt as your child may or may not have chosen his/her preferred position.
Here are a few tips that I have used in my lifetime of playing Netball.


Tip #1: When defending a player, use the mentality "stick like glue". This means, actually sticking with them. At all time. This will ensure you are there when you intercept the ball.

Tip #2: Arms up all the time.You may think this is silly. It's definitely not! Running around with our arms up will get your opponent panicking, and on their toes. You want this to happen so that you can intercept the ball when they least expect it.


Tip # 3: If you want to get away from your opponent. Stand slightly behind them, call for the ball with your arm up behind you, motioning which way you want the ball to be thrown. When your team mate sees you signaling to throw the ball to the side. You will stand with  your opponent for 3 seconds then roll behind them and hopefully catch the ball in time. :)


Tip #4: Work that circle. As a shooter you should always get to the circle as quick as you can and set yourselves up. You and the other shooter should work around the circle to get the ball fed in for a good shot.

Tip #5: If you find that your defender is right on you and you can't shake them when you catch the ball. Next time you catch the ball, jump as you catch it and land with both legs wide apart making yourself get a closer shot to the goal. You will then bring the furthermost leg/foot towards you making the defender move 3 steps back from you.

Tip #6: Practice, practice, practice. It makes perfect sense to practice to get better. 

Tip #7: Never give up, you will not learn anything if you give up. Keep on going and you will find that you can do it.

I hope you enjoyed your free netball tips for tips on how you can help improve your child's netball skills, 

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