Ball Handling Drills

It is better if you have more than two people. I will cover ball handling drills for when you are training by yourself.

Get the team or group to split up into equal lines, standing behind each other, each line facing each other. Give the person at the front of the line the ball. Make sure they are standing fairly far apart, 2 meters will do. 

The person with the ball will throw it to the person opposite them, then immediately run towards the person they threw the ball to and run to the end of their line. The next person will now have a turn to throw the ball back to the new person that is opposite them. Continue to do this, speeding up each time each line has had a turn throwing.

If you are training by yourself, find a solid wall. Preferably one outside, and stand a fair distance from it. Throw the ball at the ball and shuffle to the side and catch it as it bounces back. Try not to let the ball touch the ground. Do this a few times, before taking a step closer. The closer you get the harder the drill becomes, because there is a shorter time for you to reach the ball in time. 

 Netball ball handling tip:

How to throw a netball. 

With both hand hold the netball with open fingers, close to your chest. Push the ball with a little force towards the direction you want the ball to go. 

How to catch a netball. 

When you catch the ball, catch it with your fingers spread wide open to get a better grip of the ball, then bring it back in towards your chest. 

Catching the ball high in the air. 

It is fairly simple. Reach your hands towards the ball as it moves in the air. Grab with both hands, with your fingers open to get a better grip of the ball and bring down towards your chest.