Defensive Drills

Defense Drills are not hard to do if you practice.

Again these drills are better done within a team or group.

You will need to get into groups of 3. One will be the defender, one will be the attacker, the other will be the ball holder.

The defender will try to defend the ball from being passed to the attacker. 

The attacker will try to get a in a clear space for the ball thrower to throw the ball.

The person throwing the ball will be trying to get the ball to the attacker.

The aim of the defender is to make sure the attacker cannot get into a clear space for the ball thrower to get the ball to the attacker

The ball thrower will be count out loud, to three seconds. As this is how long you are allowed to hold the ball for. That is why this game is fast paced.

Tips for the defender

- Stand side on to the attacker, if you stand straight in front of them, they could side step you. You also cannot see the person throwing the ball, they could throw the ball to the side.

- Stay with them like glue. Stay as close as you can to your partner. Bouncing on the balls of your feet, when they are not moving. It will ensure you are ready to run, stop or side step with them. 

- When you see the ball coming towards your partner, put your arms up and out. This allows you to be about to either intercept the ball or knock it out of the attackers way.