Being the attacker is great fun. You get to be key part in getting the ball down to goal shooters.

Offensive Drills

You will need to pair up with someone. Standing at a line on the court, try and get as far away from the defender as you can. 

Stand facing straight forward with one foot pointing to the direction you are going to run. Bouncing on the balls of your feet on the spot. Imagine the ball thrower is going to throw the ball to the direction of your foot is facing. Try to get the defender beside you on the opposite side you are going to run. If you can't quickly turn ways, until the defender moves. Then make your move forward or to the side you are going to catch the ball.

Try different ways to get in front of the defender. The defender will be on you at all times so tricking them into which way you are going to run is key.

Another attacking drill you could try is this one. But instead you are the attacker.

Have fun, try your best. Get in front and get away from your defender.