Being the shooter on the team is tough. But with team work and practice you can become a great netball shooter. But being a shooter doesn't mean you stand near the goal and wait for the ball to come to you. This is where shooting drills will help.

Shooting Drills

Start off by standing at the top of the half circle. Making sure you are standing inside the line. (You can only score a goal if you are standing in the half circle.)

You will need someone to play defense, and someone to stand outside the circle line to throw the ball into you called the ball feeder.

To start, position yourself anywhere in the half circle. The defense will be with you or trying to block the throw from the ball feeder. Moving around the half circle, you can pivot or bounce and side step. With your hand held out to the side the defender won't be able to move into very quickly. This signal will tell the ball feeder to throw the ball the side your arm is pointing. But you have to be quick to run into the pass or you will miss it and the defender will get the intercept, block it or it will go out of court.

Try this with 2 shooters and 2 defenders in the half circle. It makes it harder to move around now. 

Here is the egg beater drill.

Just like an egg beater, as the shooter you have support of the other shooter. Position yourselves one at the top of the half circle, the other at a 90 degree angle. This would be at the corner of the half circle. When you move, the other shooter should move in the in the direction you moved. See picture.

In the picture, is the goal circle. At point A, this is where you will stand. You are represented by the red line. The blue line is the other shooter. The other shooter will be positioned at point C as the blue line.

The red area is where you will stay, don't cross over to the blue line area as this is where the other shooter's area.

As you move across the curve of the circle, the other shooter is moving behind you, on the curve of the circle up the position that you where standing. Now you are at point B. The other shooter is at point A. You move to point C, the other shooter will while the other shooter will stay at point A until you move to point A, which is where they move to point C.

So to put into easier terms. Imagine there is a string tied to you and the other shooter, where ever you move they move too.

Now the defenders will try to block your way out, try get past them. You can move outside the circle, but you must always get back in the circle quickly because the defender will try keep you out. From shooting a goal.

Practice with the ball feeder, throwing the ball into you and the other shooter.


To try shooting from different areas of the circle. From hard angles with 2 defenders reaching up in front of you when your trying to shoot is quite difficult. 

If you can't make the shot, look for your support. They could be the other shooter, or the players outside the circle.

Taking a shot from a far distance. With netball you are not allowed to move from your spot once you have the ball in your hands. 

Practice by having the ball feeder throw the ball to you when you are far from the netball hoop.

As you catch the ball land with your legs apart, drag the leg that is further from the goal towards you and you will be closer to shoot a goal.